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(Search Engine for Pelvic Health Information and Associates)

A directory where you can find a urologist or other pelvic health specialist who focuses on bladder incontinence, sexual concerns and other pelvic problems.

SEPHIA's Choice is a special search engine and physician directory of professional continence and other pelvic health specialists for use by consumers, health care professionals and industry leaders. The SEPHIA database has been designed to help users find a urologist, doctor, nurse or other kinds of incontinence care practitioner in their geographic areas.

SEPHIA's Choice also offers health professionals, group medical practices and medical institutions the opportunity to perform unlimited searches on an ongoing basis in order to find appropriate referrals for their patients. All pelvic health specialists' credentials are verified through their State's accrediting organization before their listing is accepted.

Specific information listed by pelvic health specialists includes:

  • Contact and location information about the individual or group practice
  • Names of key staff members at the facility
  • Specialties including urology, geriatrics, nursing, primary care, internal medicine, gynecology, and urogynecology
  • Services available including assessment, evaluation, complex urodynamics, behavioral therapy, biofeedback therapy, medical therapy, electrical stimulation, surgical treatment, and alternative management
  • Specific expertise including general urology, incontinence and other voiding dysfunctions, pelvic pain and vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis and bladder pain, pelvic surgery, pelvic prolapse, male and female sexual dysfunction, prostate health, and hormone imbalance.

The SEPHIA database is fully searchable on key variables including location, name, type of specialty, type of service and type of expertise by condition. Multiple variables can be indexed in one search. SEPHIA listings include physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, physical and occupational therapists and specialty group practices. Other medical professionals may be included provided they meet SEPHIA's requirements. (See: Professional Center.)

All credentials are verified with the state or regional accreditation organization before listings are accepted into the database.


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Find specialized services, expertise and treatments. is a website specifically for continence nurses and other pelvic health professionals. Much of the content is provided by Diane Newman, RNC, MSN, CRNP, FAAN and is designed to help busy pelvic health specialists solve everyday problems. There are sections about long term care, male and female pelvic health issues as well as continuing education programs, downloadable worksheets, and such community forums as Practice Pearls where nurses can describe difficult cases and ask other nurses for help. Registration is required for access to most of the website. Please visit.

Pelvic Health

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Attract new patients is a website for consumers with a focus on pelvic health. Reliable information is provided by health professionals in a wide variety of topics. Diane Newman, RNC, MSN, CRNP, FAAN is Director of the Incontinence Center and Dr. Chris Steidle directs the Andropause, Male Sexuality and Female Sexuality Centers. Other Centers include Prostate Health, Diabetes, Gout, Hearth Disease and a full range of wellness topics including nutrition, physical fitness, mental fitness, weight control, fall prevention and wellness. Please tell your patients about SeekWellness and visit it yourself.

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